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Kane County GOP Furious: Demands Action on Unplanned Migrant Drop-offs!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Today, Kane County witnessed yet another incident where busloads of migrants were callously dumped here from the US Border without prior warning or care for their well-being. Originally destined for Chicago, these buses are now rerouted due to new regulations prohibiting migrant drop-offs in the city. Consequently, migrants are being left in various suburban areas across Chicago without any coordinated plan or notification to the respective cities. This constant, thoughtless dumping all over Kane County is demanding immediate action.

The flood of migrants streaming into our country, all thanks to the Biden administration's wide-open border policy, is enraging. They're flooding in from South and Central America, China, Yemen, Syria, Haiti—mostly men, and shockingly, many women and kids among them are getting caught up in human trafficking and exploitation. This is not an act of compassion but a systemic failure resulting in a criminal operation.

This issue is no longer confined to the distant border; it's happening right here in our neighborhoods. Recently, Elburn witnessed the arrival of 38 migrants without prior warning. Elgin struggles with a tent city involved in a tragic murder, becoming a frequent site for police intervention. Aurora had to convene an emergency meeting to pass an ordinance after migrants were dropped off on the streets without any city notification. Worse still, taxpayer money was used to transport these migrants via trains to Chicago due to bus drivers' fear of penalties and bus impounding. Crime rates are on the rise across Kane County due to these senseless and dangerous policies.

No more hesitation! Our communities are under siege, and damn it, Republicans, it's time to take action! Remaining silent and passive is no longer an option. The Democrats are exploiting these migrants for votes, just like they do with women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ individuals. They are opening up the border for them to come in, giving them free transportation to suburban locations, and handing them driver’s licenses to be able to vote. Once the election cycle is over, they will toss them aside like garbage. This exploitation must end NOW! Our neighborhoods are turning into battlegrounds, because of these policies. Elburn, Elgin, Aurora—all under attack without warning. This is an all-out assault on our security, our honor, and our very existence.

Republicans, wake up and act! Demand answers, stop this destructive political chaos destroying our neighborhoods now! Contact your Village President/Mayor and Township Supervisor immediately and tell them you want a stop gap ordinance passed like Aurora to make it difficult for unplanned migrants to be dropped off in Kane County. Ask them what their plans are to deal with this crisis and hold them accountable. This is an urgent matter!

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