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Defending Due Process and Voting Rights: The Fight to Keep Trump on the Illinois Primary Ballot


On this significant anniversary of the January 6 event, our attention is drawn to the threat against due process and voting rights in the attempt to remove President Donald Trump from the Illinois Primary Ballot. In this post, we will delve into the legal and opinion-based arguments surrounding this issue, highlighting the importance of preserving our democratic principles.

Legal Arguments:

The attempt to remove Trump from the ballot stems from a false conviction by the media and Democrats, ignoring the principles of due process. Notably, the recent Colorado Supreme Court case raised concerns about due process violations, with Chief Justice Brian Boatright stating, "Just because a hearing was held and (Trump) participated, it doesn’t mean that due process was observed." Justice Carlos Samour, Jr. added, "The decision to bar President Trump flies in the face of the due process doctrine." We believe the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the Colorado results based on these concerns.

Threats to Rights and Voice:

The broader concern lies in the potential erosion of our rights and voices. With media heavily influenced by liberal management, there's a risk that our fundamental rights, such as due process, may be gradually stripped away. This could empower the media to convict individuals without a fair trial, threatening anyone seeking public office or expressing dissent on social media. The removal of a candidate from the ballot based on media convictions undermines the democratic process, resembling tactics seen in Communist countries, not in the United States.

Election Interference Implications:

The Democrat party's attempt to influence election results through legal maneuvers raises alarming election interference implications. By weaponizing lawyers and the legal system, they aim to limit voters' freedom of choice. These tactics have parallels to illegal election strategies witnessed in undemocratic regimes. It is crucial for Illinois residents to stand up for their rights of due process and voting rights.

Challenging False Insurrection Claims:

Addressing the false insurrection claims, it is essential to emphasize that attempting to remove President Trump from the ballot is an attack on voting rights. There is no conviction of insurrection, and even the FBI stated there was no evidence of it. Contrary to accusations, President Trump advocated for peaceful protests and sought to deploy National Guard troops. The attempt to link him to the rioters is unfounded, and he explicitly urged a peaceful march.

Historical Perspective:

Drawing parallels to history, we recall instances where Democrats, mainly slave owners, barred Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln from Southern state ballots in 1860. Despite these attempts, Lincoln emerged victorious and became the 16th President of the United States. Similarly, we believe that President Trump will prevail against the Democrats' illegal interference tactics.


As the Colorado case progresses to the U.S. Supreme Court, it is imperative to champion the preservation of due process and voting rights. Our fight is not just for one candidate but for the democratic principles that form the bedrock of our nation. Let us unite in defending the integrity of our electoral system and ensuring that the voices of the people are heard.

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