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The Kane County Republican Party
Strategic Plan & Membership Program

The Lay of the Land in Kane County and the Opportunity

Kane County is our home and it is an amazing place to live. The communities that dot the Fox River Valley are proud and hard working. Our residents, our families, and our businesses have weathered it all to make Kane County one of only a handful of counties in Illinois experiencing population growth according to the 2020 Decennial Census. As the data below suggest, however, our home is on the frontlines of a major political battle over which direction we will go. 



































While it is clear that there are many opportunities to win back seats at the local level, our county’s contribution to helping Republicans win statewide is significant too. The 2022 midterm elections revealed that over 10% of the greater Chicagoland’s “swing” voters live in Kane County. We estimate that Kane County is responsible for at least 3.6% of a statewide Republican candidate’s necessary votes, a figure that requires us to produce at least 80,985 Republican votes in our next midterm election in 2026.

It is clear that Kane County is a “swing” turf that requires a well organized, always on GOP organization and infrastructure focused on electing Republicans and explaining how their policies are more likely to improve quality of life.

Our Leadership Team

To organize the our priorities, manage and support the over 170 of 292 Republican Precinct Committee-person across Kane County, and to develop and execute a plan to turn Kane County RED, we depend on a leadership team, our Executive Committee, to “get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” Our Executive Committee and support infrastructure is organized as follows:

Executive Committee: Our party organization is Andro Lerario - Chairman, Cliff Surges - Vice Chairman,  Maggie Beyer - Secretary, and Rob Russel - Treasurer. These officers, together with the chairs of local (8) Republican GOP township organizations, constitute the KCRCC’s Central Committee by-laws in part of the 8th, 11th & 14th districts.

Core Four Committees: Community Engagement, Communications, Fundraising, and Election Operations.

Add’l Sub Committees: PC Training, Poll Watching, School Board/Library Elections, and Data & Strategy Committee.

Our Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Priorities

Vision: Building a resilient and enduring Republican Party infrastructure centered around an empowered grassroots community with strong leaders and conservative values.

Mission: The Kane County Republican Party advocates for the principles of limited government and conservative values. We accomplish this through recruiting, training and equipping an engaged citizenry with the tools and support needed to educate voters and win elections.

Values: Be Tenacious; Demonstrate Compassion; Lead with Integrity; Demand Accountability

Strategic Priorities:

  • Achieve best practices in the core four committees

  • Unify and align coalition partners across Kane County in a joint-strategy to qualify candidates to WIN elections

  • Align  township Republican organizations and Precinct Committee-persons to participate in KCRCC initiatives

  • Expand our presence in local communities with emphasis on engaging in minority communities

  • Qualify election candidates; through past voting records and Republican Values to WIN elections

How we  Plan to Address these Strategic Priorities:

  • The KCRCC Executive Committee is contracted with Surus - Nation Builder: a professional political strategic support company.  Marko Sukovic, Surus, General Manager is dedicated for KCRCC local operational support  

  • Establish an organized and efficient headquarters office central to County in St. Charles - with Randall Rd, Electronic Reader board Advertising Exposure, KANE COUNTY Republican party, 

  • Actively engage with GrassRoots organizations and others to participate in planning conversations and support them 

  • Improve internal communication channels among all township GOP leaders and individual committee through the introduction of a consistent newsletter, a frequently updated events calendar, and seek township participation in opportunities that have the potential to benefit their organizations directly or indirectly

How you can Support the KCRCC


This work cannot be done alone. We need everyone who shares our Vision and Values and believes in our mission to consider how they can contribute to tackling the challenges and opportunities we have identified. Consider supporting this work by making a one time donation or joining any one of the KCRCC's following membership programs below:

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