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Hey Kane County Republicans - The Migrant Problem is Not Going Away!

As we usher in the New Year in Kane County, today’s humanitarian incident at a Woodstock, IL train station (just 30 minutes from Kane County) demands our immediate attention. Early this morning, over 30 migrants were left stranded, ill-equipped for the freezing conditions of our Chicagoland winters. Witnesses reported women and children shivering, hungry, and dehydrated. Quick-thinking residents reached out to a local charity, unlocking their donation center to provide essential clothing and water to these stranded individuals.

These migrants arrived on a plane that landed at Rockford International Airport, bypassing Winnebago County's restrictions. Despite being destined for Chicago via buses, one of these buses diverted to Woodstock to evade fines and impounding due to drop-off restrictions in the city.

Why does this concern Kane County residents? This incident reflects a persistent issue of unplanned migrant arrivals in our area. Only days ago, we were collectively outraged as migrants were unloaded from Texas buses in Kane County cities like Aurora, Elburn and Elgin. However, our attention to this important issue seems to fade when it's not immediately in our vicinity, instead focusing on trivial concerns like New Year’s Eve festivities.

This is a call to action we've voiced before. What was a busload of migrants in Elburn is now a 777-plane carrying 300 or more individuals. They claim they're headed to Chicago, but at what expense? And when might they start settling in Kane County? Can our communities, like Elgin Tent City, accommodate more migrants?

Let’s rally the spirit of suburbia! We cannot afford indifference any longer. Democrats may accuse Republicans of lacking compassion, but what's compassionate about leaving fellow human beings stranded in freezing conditions without a plan for their well-being? These migrants seek a better life in America (specifically Chicago), but often find themselves worse off upon arrival.

The strain on sanctuary cities like Chicago is evident, with the cost of migrant support reaching staggering figures. Chicago's plan to utilize $95 million of Covid relief funds to stay solvent reflects the dire situation. Should Chicago fail, the repercussions will echo across our state, demanding our bailout.

Where is our Kane County Sheriff Hain in addressing this issue? Unlike McHenry County's proactive measures, there's been a concerning silence from our Sheriff’s Department. Villages and cities have borne the responsibility of aiding migrants, despite many struggling post-Covid and facing high inflation.

While these instances are local, they stem from the Biden Administration's open border policy, resulting in over 200,000 monthly illegal entries, quadrupling the numbers from 2020 under Trump's policies. These unchecked migrants include individuals with criminal backgrounds, posing threats to our communities.

Republicans in Kane County, wake up and protect our neighborhoods NOW! What happens next—home invasions, assaults, abductions—could be irreversible if we don’t unite in our communities to stop these reckless policies from attacking suburbia.

Let’s set aside New Year’s Eve celebrations for a moment and focus on activism. Wear your walking shoes and join protests. Together, let's awaken to this crisis, for if we don’t act now, there may be no state or county left to save.

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