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Kane County GOP Stands with President Trump

We stand with President Trump and against the politicization and weaponization of our justice system against a political opponent. This level of corruption is un-American and undermines the core values of our nation. There has been a blatant coordination of indictments where every revelation of Biden corruption is immediately followed by new charges against Trump. The current Banana Republic administration is attempting to destroy American democracy through election interference.

Despite their best efforts to separate Trump supporters from their candidate, 71% of Republicans still strongly support President Trump. We are the target of this persecution (not Trump), and we need to continue to resist these bogus political hit jobs or we will lose our freedoms. President Trump is standing in their way, and the next targets could be any of us. As Republicans we need to surround ourselves with a bubble of protection, remain confident in our convictions, and avoid allowing any negative comments to seep into our heads to create embarrassment or fear. As a result of these indictments, the truth will be unveiled in the discovery process, and justice will prevail. Please remain strong and let President Trump know that the American people have his back.

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