Trump's Conviction: A Turning Point for Election 2024 and American Democracy

30 May, 2024

Today marks a day in the history of our republic where we as Americans can finally say we have reached an all-time low. We have become the beacon of light with a burnt-out bulb.

So, what does this conviction mean for Trump as Election Day 2024 approaches? Sentencing Judge Juan Merchan has requested that the prosecution and defense file their motions, including sentencing recommendations, by June 13. A jail sentence for Trump would most likely have political implications that Judge Merchan would want to avoid.

Judge Merchan has scheduled Trump’s sentencing hearing for 10 am on July 11. While Trump’s lawyers can request a later date, possibly after the November election, such a request will likely be denied.

Until July 11, Trump will be able to move about as he pleases and will no longer have to adhere to gag-order restrictions which previously prevented him from discussing witnesses or the judge and his family members. Trump has pointed out that Merchan’s daughter is a political consultant who raises funds for high-profile Democrats such as Representative Adam Schiff of California.

Trump will likely participate in a pre-sentencing interview with a probation officer, who will then submit a sentencing report to Merchan. Judge Merchan will have almost exclusive authority to determine Trump’s sentence, and has several options, including jail.

Although Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies, they are nonviolent, class E felonies, the least serious in the state of New York, which often do not result in jail time. Additionally, Trump also has no prior criminal record and, at 77 years old, is not likely to be a threat to the public. These factors could work in his favor.

It’s unlikely that Merchan will sentence Trump to time behind bars. Given Trump’s status as a former President with a Secret Service detail and as the presumptive Republican nominee, a term of incarceration would present significant logistical challenges.

The one positive outcome of this situation appears to be pushing more voters towards to support Trump. The fact that the Democrats seem oblivious to this is a bit strange. We need to take this as a warning to ourselves. If they can do this to him, imagine what they can do to us. Get out and vote!!!! Get out and vote!!!! We need you now more than ever.

Respectfully Submitted,

Andro Lerario, Chairman

Kane County GOP