Statement from Kane County Republican Chairman Regarding Trump Conviction

31 May, 2024

The recent conviction of President Trump is a travesty and a stain on our justice system. This verdict raises serious questions, especially given the unclear nature of the charges and the statute of limitations. Many legal experts highlight the politically motivated nature of this prosecution.

This attack on President Trump is an attack on every American who believes in fairness and justice. If they can do this to a former President and the 2024 Republican nominee, they can do it to anyone. This is a sad day for our justice system — reminiscent of what you'd expect in Russia, China, or North Korea, but not America.

A politicized justice system serves no one. Activist prosecutors are using the judiciary for political gain, but the American people see through this. Voters in Illinois and across the country will demand change on Election Day. The weaponization of the judicial system should concern every American, and this backlash will lead to a significant red wave in November.

President Trump will return stronger than ever. We must fight to restore justice and integrity in our nation.

Andro Lerario, Chairman

Kane County GOP