Push To Pass Election Integrity SAVE Act Week of July 8th

30 June, 2024

by Kane Grassroots 

You worried about your vote? Maybe you're worried it will be diluted by the massive amount of immigrants coming into the state? I'm going to get harsh, you should be. WE NEED YOU. Some very hardworking Kane County neighbors are managing family, jobs, homes and ALSO working very hard on subjects such as election integrity AND what we can do about it. Please honor these people by doing this tiny bit to help. We MUST turn up the volume of our voices.

Here's what to do: 

Good: EMAIL your state and federal rep TODAY. Who are my reps? 

BETTER: PHONE your state and federal rep TODAY and as many days as you can this week. Who are my reps? 

BEST: GO TO THEIR OFFICES and ask them to represent you. How do I find my reps office? 

Ask them with urgency that they work to help pass the SAVE Act coming up for vote in July

As simple a message as "Pass the SAVE Act in July! Vote YES."

Going to their physical suburban office that they keep, overwhelmingly beats emails and phone calls. Please do what you're able. If you go to their office, handwrite a note saying "Pass the SAVE Act" sign it, noting your county and city, and bring it to them. 

For those interested in seeing details of the SAVE Act as well as some background work done by the efforts of our very patriotic American people including many good men and women from Kane county, please read the following documents.