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Unions, Campaign Contributions and Our Kids

- Illinois Teachers' Unions & The Weaponization of Campaign Contributions

It baffles me; if our Illinois teachers' unions exist to support teachers, and teachers exist to serve the education of kids, why does the disconnect between the unions and the kids continue to grow, to the gigantic fault line it’s become in Illinois? Illinois has three players in the game when it comes to teachers' unions: Chicago Teachers Union, Illinois Education Association and Illinois Federation of Teachers. The Invest in Kids Act provides tax credit to donors who can afford to fund scholarship money, for kids who cannot afford the schools that will serve their needs. The Teachers' Unions and elected officials can't wait to see it go. Why would we get rid of a program that doesn't cost the state anything but tax credits? The Invest in Kids Act is due to end in 2023.

I could go on and on about this topic but I'd rather see readers take a look at this Illinois Policy article telling the story of young Jordan Clodfelter and his family, as they work to balance Jordan's needs in the classroom with a school that can offer him space to thrive. Thanks to donors from the Invest in Kids Act, Jordan has seen his experience in school turn around. Illinois Policy tells Jordan's story, but they also bring the receipts!

Be sure to check out the direct social media quotes from the teachers' unions near the end of the article. Read: WELCH, HARMON GET MILLIONS FROM TEACHERS UNIONS BEFORE BLOCKING SCHOOL CHOICE FOR POOR KIDS

If you're still with me, consider this; we should be expanding these programs, not letting them die off. We should be encouraging those who can afford to fund programs, by allowing them to direct charitable contributions. We should be helping parents advocate for their kids as they see fit.

Please consider contacting your legislator to ask they support school choice. Short term, extend the Invest in Kids Act. Long term, stop allowing organizations to hold hostage, the education of our kids through weaponization of campaign contributions. How? Pay attention to where your elected officials are getting their money.

Find your legislator here or copy & paste this link:

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