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Taxed Enough! Join Us to Say No Again!

Just a short while ago, a certain Madam coined the phrase "it's just two quarters and a dime." But the savvy folks of Kane County know better. We're not falling for that! A TREMENDOUS shoutout to the resilient citizens who stood up against the shifty date changes and attended meetings month after month, ALL YEAR, to expose the truth.

Now, brace yourselves because ECC is eyeing your wallets! Elgin Community College wants to hit you with a 5% property tax hike (max allowed by law) plus a 2.5% tuition increase.

KANE COUNTY, we need that November energy back! The proposed ECC tax hike is up for a vote on December 12th, 2023, at 6:30 P.M. Don't miss it - be there at Building E, Room 125, Seigle Auditorium on the main campus of Elgin Community College. Let's show up, speak out, and protect our wallets! 💪💰 #NoMoreTaxHikes

Please use the following talking points to speak at the meeting. Just sign up in-person on the day of the meeting. If you can't attend, then email Board Members at:, please reference "Public Comment" in your subject line.

Don’t be SOLD by their rhetoric-

1. The estimated tax increase is $3.7 million. The board will cite that this will only be an $17.50 per house with a value of $300,000. ECC is in 5 different counties, Kane, Cook, DuPage, McHenry and a little in Dekalb. Now of course who can’t afford an extra $17 dollars a year you ask? In many parts of ECC’s district are working class people living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 62% of people are living paycheck to paycheck and a lot have no savings to speak of.

2. The College has $143 million dollars in investment with a rate of return 3.83%. Please refer to pages "Report 6 &7" in the November 14th board book (attached). Naturally the rate of return will increase as CDs, Treasury Bills, and Money Market funds expire and we can get new, with a higher rate of return, due the interest rates increasing. This will increase the overall rate of return.

Tuition Increase points:

1. They are proposing a $3 dollar per credit hour increase. They are estimating that each $1 will only bring the college $141,000 so if it passes the total will be $423,000. As we said before, we’ve had to drastically cut our household costs to survive today’s dollar. What cost cutting efforts have been made? Enrollment has shown increase each semester. We are just short of 10,000 students; so, if enrollment is increasing, we are increasing our funds from tuition.

2. The ECC foundation. The foundation is there is give out scholarships to our students. Per the tax documents, which you can find on the ECC website, in 2014 the foundation had $6.6 million (attached) but in a more recent document, the last one posted for 2021; the foundation now has $10.7 million (attached). This makes the argument that they are not giving enough of those funds back to the students.

It's all connected. Kane County had property assessments reevaluated. Everyone has gone up at least 8%. We are not your cash cow.

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