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Love Your Neighbor Like It's September 12th

September 11th 2001, was 22 years ago. Many of us remember it like it was just a couple of years ago. Were you at work like me? Getting your kids to school, or maybe leaving for school yourself? I can recall the desk I was sitting in, the people who were around me, even the clothes I was wearing that day. We heard about the first tower, pulled out a 20” T.V. on a cart and watched media coverage. We were a sizable sales group huddled around, just after 8AM in Chicago, when the second tower was hit. Several around me started praying. Some left to collect their kids and be with their families. Many of us tried to predict what could come next. Were big cities the target? Was Chicago next? Is my family safe right now?

September 12th 2001, brought a unity in the country. First responders from West to East, North to South, stood up in huge and humbling numbers and left home to help their counterparts in New York. Fundraisers were held, supplies were loaded into trucks, and people were just a little bit nicer to their neighbors. American Flags were sold out of stores.

Today, first responders across the country pay their respects to the 343 members of the FDNY lost September 11 2001, and the many lives we’ve lost, and continue to lose, as a result since then.

A beautiful tribute by an organization called True Patriots Care is on display here in Kane County today at Grafelman Park, in West Dundee. We thank you, True Patriots Care, for this incredible display paying respect to the brave 343; built for us here in Kane County.

If you’re able to drive past Grafelman, just off Route 31 in West Dundee I highly recommend this beautiful sight to see. The photos don't do enough justice.

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