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Kane County Board to Vote on Tax Increase November 14th, 2023

By Julie Fox - Fox Valley Libertarian Party

Members of the Kane County Board have proposed an increase in property taxes for the County’s 2024 budget, to be voted on at the Board’s November 14th meeting.

While it is true that this only affects the Kane County portion of residents’ property tax bills, and true that the Board has not increased taxes in ten years, what is also true is that it is yet another tax increase in a state and county where taxes are already way too high.

Such an increase is unconscionable considering the current situation in Kane County and Illinois. Many Kane County residents have been notified recently that their homes’ assessed values have increased. The resultant increase in property taxes will by itself provide additional revenue to the County. Additional tax revenue should also come from new housing developments in the county.

Residents and businesses continue to struggle with high inflationary costs. These two factors alone will push some residents over the edge, causing them to leave. Those exoduses are guaranteed to increase if this proposed tax increase goes into effect. Kane County board members need to look at cutting expenses, just as businesses are forced to do during challenging times. Why should government be any different?

Julie Fox

Vice Chair & Events Director

Fox Valley Libertarian Party

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