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How the Tax Assessment Process Works

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Tax year 2023, is known as the general or quadrennial reassessment year for the Assessor’s office. By state statute, the assessor must review and assess each property to no more than 33 1/3% of its market value based on the last three years of arms-length market sales.

All Township Assessor offices have completed this process and certified their “book” of assessments to the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments. Once the County has balanced the books, you will receive an Assessment Change Notice from Kane County only if the assessor has changed your assessment. Otherwise, your assessment and all other assessments in your township will be published in the local newspaper. Please refer to the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments website at under Progress Reports for a listing of the publication dates.

For Dundee Township, the assessments were published in the Daily Herald Fox Valley edition on July 20 th, 2023, with an appeal deadline to the Kane County Board of Review August 21 st, 2023. Dundee Township property owners can review their assessment data by visiting

If you disagree with the assessment, you are encouraged to first review your property characteristics on your local township assessor’s website to make sure there are no discrepancies with the data used to estimate the market value of your property. Data items such as total building size (exterior measurements), number of bathrooms and enclosed porches affect valuations estimates.

Once you have completed the verification of your data, you should look for comparable market sales of similar properties. You should be able to find sales on either your assessor’s website or Kane County’s website under Assessment Complaints/Sales Search. Other sources would include MLS, and Zillow.

After reviewing your property data and comparable sales and you believe your assessment is in error, contact your local township assessor. Most often discrepancies can be corrected prior to having to file an assessment complaint with the Kane County Board of Review. A listing of all township assessors and their contact information is also available on the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments website.

As always, your local township assessor’s office is available to assist the public with questions regarding exemptions, tax bills and property assessment inquiries or complaints.

Warmest regards,

Michael A. Bielak, CIAO, CAE


Dundee Township

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