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Getting Out the Vote is Key to Winning Elections

On August 19, 2023, Dundee Township Republicans co-sponsored a training session for prospective and current Precinct Committeepersons. Following is an outline of the operational procedures recommended for achieving election success.

The Precinct Committeepersons have the most important position in the Republican organization as their primary function is to be sure their constituents vote at a high percentage rate in all elections. This is the key to election success and all efforts should be devoted to that accomplishment.

Once PCs have been elected, or appointed, they assume the responsibility of creating a “Republican Community” within their Precinct. They must support their constituents with data and assistance on voting procedures, registration, sample ballots and candidate information. Once early voting starts all efforts should be devoted to seeing that all Republican and Independents favoring our candidates VOTE. That is the only way we can win elections.


1. Getting Petition Signatures and Canvassing

a. Make a list of friends in your Precinct and call on them first to get familiar with your presentation. Get additional names from them for

additional contacts.

b. From your Precinct Walk List, select the hard R’s for your next contacts, It is important to call on these constituents as they will form the basis of your Republican Community and can be reliably counted on to vote. It is especially important to find an assistant for your precinct to work with you.

c. Dress properly and have materials with your contact information to leave with the constituent.

d. After your introduction LISTEN to your constituents and what they communicate. There are 2 essential questions to ask:

i. What voting procedure are you going to use in the next election? (We need this data to add to our records.) We want voting or mail in ballots done early.

ii. What are your critical issues for this election?

2. Build the Republican Community by providing data and service and establishing relationships.

3. Attend Township Meetings once a month.

4. Provide community activity events and notices of interest.

5. Be available to your community.

6. Plan on two canvases of your Precinct covering Republicans and Independents. (About 40 hours). Determine voting procedure for each and send report to Precinct Chair for forwarding to IT director. Follow up during the election cycle.

7. Provide Sample Ballots to your constituents.

8. Provide Candidate Information to constituents in person (Door hangers, especially packaged, are seldom read and disliked by voters not at home)

9. Don’t get involved with Candidates promotional activities outside of your Precinct. Concentrate on getting your community to vote.

10. A PC that joins a specific candidates promotion team cannot service their constituents and should refrain from such activity.

Contributed by:

Bob Sample

Precinct Commiteeperson and PC Training Leader

Dundee Township Republican Organization

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