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Ending Unfair Taxes: Empowering Kane County Residents

Dear Kane County Community,

It's time to talk about something that affects each and every one of us: taxes. As residents of Kane County, we all care deeply about our community's well-being and its future. However, recent discussions about potential tax increases have left many of us feeling concerned and, frankly, let down.

During election seasons, promises fly left and right. Candidates vow to tackle the issues that matter most to us – high taxes, rising crime rates, a struggling local economy – you name it. But when the dust settles, it seems those promises evaporate into thin air.

As engaged citizens, we've been keeping a close eye on the actions that follow those campaign promises. It's disheartening to witness a disconnect between what's pledged and what's actually done. Suddenly, talks of raising taxes emerge, despite the revelation of a hefty $12 million surplus in incremental interest income earned in 2023 by our Treasurer. This surplus could easily cover any budgetary shortfalls without burdening the hardworking residents of Kane County.

It's crucial to remember that those elected to serve our county do just that – they work for us, the people. But it's becoming increasingly evident that some decisions might be guided by personal agendas or obligations made to others, rather than prioritizing the well-being of our community.

Let's be clear: Kane County cannot afford more tax hikes. Families are struggling, and individuals are making tough choices to make ends meet. The last thing we need is an added financial burden.

However, we're not here to just complain. We believe in accountability. The power to make a change lies in our hands, the voters. We'll be watching closely, evaluating the decisions made by our County Board members and ensuring that every action taken is transparently shared with our fellow citizens.

If our trust is betrayed and taxes are raised despite the existence of surplus funds, rest assured, we'll exercise our right to vote for representatives who genuinely prioritize our community's interests.

To our County Board members, we urge you to consider the impact of your decisions on the people who call Kane County home. Let's work together for a brighter future without resorting to unnecessary tax increases.

Kane County deserves better. Let's strive for fiscal responsibility and a better tomorrow, united as a community.


A Concerned Voice for Kane County

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