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As Republicans, we need to question everything, including Election Integrity

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


I want to highlight a matter that seems to be a hot button with many of us - Election Integrity. It appears many would like to push this matter aside as “old news” or it’s “a MAGA/Trump” thing. I recall when Hillary Clinton was asked about Benghazi and she laughed and said, “are we still talking about that, it’s old news”. Tell that to the family of the dead men.

I feel, as Republicans that we are coordinated enough to walk and chew at the same time. We can continue to address current issues while still protecting our votes. One of the problems is the understanding of what is voter integrity and what is voter fraud. Integrity or the quality of being honest and showing strong character vs fraud which is wrongful and criminal deception to result in personal gain to individuals.

Here are a few examples from the Kane County Clerk’s office that illustrate the difference between election integrity and election fraud.

1. Integrity - When you are shown that there are no security cameras in a processing room, and then a week later the cameras show up but the Clerk attempts to bury the receipt in a pile of old receipts, that’s an integrity issue.

2. Fraud - When you allow your election judges to not demand spoiled mail ballots be turned in when a voter chooses to vote at the ballot box instead of using their ballot, that’s a fraud issue. It’s fraud because an Illinois law says so.

3. Integrity - Another example is shutting down video monitors on an election security person so he can’t see what’s happening during an equipment issue. That’s an integrity issue.

4. Fraud - Signing a contract document for a large sum of award money, and then spending the money (that technically doesn’t belong to you to spend but rather belongs to County taxpayers) without approval. This behavior could be construed as contract fraud which puts our County at risk.

We welcome and encourage people to question issues and events happening in our County. We all have a God given right to our opinion and we should not attack each other for being observant and asking questions. Everyone’s concerns are equally important, and we should listen to all viewpoints. Our Republican Party is not losing today because of voter integrity, we lose because we are so quick at backing away from questioning and fighting back. We see this in the election integrity discussion, in the abortion discussion and in our 2nd amendment fight.

We have many battles to take on friends. Let’s be respectful of each other and show compassion. Let’s support each other.

God Bless you all.

Andro Lerario


Kane County

Republican Party

C 630-330-5177

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

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