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Antidote for Politicians Who Constantly Raise Property Taxes

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Good governance is the best politics. Competent management of resources and services to constituents eliminates the need for more property tax sacrifice.

We are in County Budget season, so once again we have to fight to convince those who work for us on the County Board, including its Chairperson, to not make our financial lives harder.

On September 6, 2023 at 9 AM (meeting open to the public) the Chairperson and her County Board will make its first attempt to raise property tax by the 5% maximum allowed by law. This tax increase represents a $2,800,000 transfer of your family’s money to County coffers.

This chart below shows how totally unnecessary this fiscal gluttony is. A year ago, the Board approved a budget that projected $1.8MM in interest income on county savings accounts (yellow line on chart).

Former State Senator and County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen ran for Treasurer because he said that projection and the previous two years’ interest income performances were too low.

Lauzen promised to increase that interest income by an extra $2MM cash-on-cash (red line on chart).

But the good news is that the actual performance of interest earned (blue bars in chart) on Kane County funds due to Treasurer Lauzen's investment efforts is now projected to be $10MM over the previous year! Therefore, there is no need to even discuss raising taxes when we are generating such a healthy rate of interest income above budget projections.

Contact Chairperson Corrine Pierog at or 630-232-5930, and your Kane County Board District Representative (look them up here). Tell them you do not approve of any new tax increases!

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