We're thrilled that you want to show your support for the candidates! You can pick up all candidate signs at our St. Charles office located at:

333 N. Randall Road, Suite 115, St. Charles, IL

Operating Hours: By appointment at [email protected]

Certainly! Political yard signs can be recycled, but it's essential to use designated locations. While returning signs to the candidate for future campaigns is ideal, you can also drop them off at special recycle locations like Chicago Logistic Services, 1333 Davis Road, Elgin 60123. They accept political signs and operate Monday through Friday. Learn more at chicagologisticservice.com.

Make your voice count! Engage in our democracy by registering to vote, finding your polling place, and making informed decisions. Check out the following resources:

  • Official Kane County Elections Website: kanecountyelections.org
  • Register to Vote Online or by Mail: Online Registration | Mail Registration
  • Sample Ballots and Issues: Explore the ballot and research local issues before visiting your polling place. Voter Search
  • Find Your Polling Place: Verify your polling location and times online. Voter Search
  • Early Voting: If you've researched candidates and issues, consider voting early. Get details here.
  • Vote by Mail: For a more relaxed approach, vote by mail. Complete the registration here.

There are two paths to become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC) in Kane County:

  1. Be elected by your precinct: Gather at least 10 signatures on your nominating petition and submit the required documents. The election process signup just ended for 2024 but will be available every 2 years.
  2. Be appointed by the County chair: Fill out the appointment form after confirming precinct availability by emailing us at [email protected].

Start by contacting us at [email protected] for guidance and additional information. Refer to the Illinois State Board of Elections Candidate’s Guide for details on offices, filing dates, and nomination procedures.

Access petition information on the Kane County Clerk’s Website. Ensure compliance with petition signature requirements and deadlines.

PCs can use NationBuilder and the FieldEdge 3 app, and others can request a list by contacting [email protected]. Candidates and PCs needing NationBuilder or FieldEdge access can email us.

Track your representatives using websites like GovTrack or Countable. Stay informed on U.S. Congress votes. Download Legislative Reports from ilga.gov for Illinois State Legislature updates.

Explore these organizations:

  • Illinois Policy Institute
  • Breakthrough Ideas
  • Parents Matter Coalition 
  • Three Headed Eagle Alliance

For more options, email us at [email protected].