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From Kane County Republican Chairman
Andro Lerario

"Make no mistake, Governor Pritzker's $500,000 donation to the Democratic Party of Illinois to fund failing extremists on school and library boards across Illinois is a clear effort to radically transform our local public schools.

Our school board members should be invested in our communities and focused on academic excellence, not rabid partisans looking to introduce radical ideologies into the classroom.

That's why the Kane County Republican Party is responding with a plan to motivate residents that reject  Pritzker's ideological power grab to not sit this election out. We cannot let this April 4th's Consolidated General Election become another low-profile affair, we have a responsibility to educate voters and Get Out the Vote (GOTV). 

To do this, we need your financial support to help us equip or local GOP township organizations and get the word out. Please consider rushing a $50 or more "Defend our Schools" donation today, and thank you!"

Schools You can Help Defend

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