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Our Committee Structure 


This committee is responsible for raising the funds necessary for the KCRCC to realize its mission. They manage the KCRCC's membership programming, major donor outreach, and put on fundraising events.

Poll Watching

Election Integrity is necessary to ensure that our Democratic Republic endures. Our organization has a roll to play to help find poll watchers and election judges.

Marketing & Communications 

  • Responsible for developing our online and print channel tools and branding, and getting important information out to our community including creating content that connects more people to our organization. 

School Board/Library Elections

The KCRCC encourages citizens that share our values to step up and run for local office. This committee supports those patriots to help them navigate the electoral process.

PC Training

This committee is responsible for helping the executive committee prioritize races to support, recruit and vet candidates, and help train precinct committeemen.

Data & Strategy

This committee is responsible for driving home the KCRCC's strategic plan. They support the other committees by supplying them the data, targeting, and talent they need to make their lives easier.

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