Kane County Republican
Central Committee

Ken Shepro


Terry Hunt


Connie Von Keudell

Executive Secretary


Sal Abbate

Executive Vice-Chairman

Jeff Meyer

Executive Vice-Chairman




Central Committee Structure

The Central Committee is set up in a fashion similar to the corporate model of a Board of Directors. The County Chairman and Secretary are elected by weighted vote of the elected precinct committeemen throughout the county bi-annually at the County Convention following the Primary Election. The convention is similar to the weighted vote that stock holders partake in during the annual business meeting of a large corporation.

The remaining 8 voting members of the Board are comprised of the Township Chairmen. Each Township is represented by one vote on the Central Committee. It falls upon the Chairman and the Board to determine the path of the Republican Party and the strategic plan for the future of the party and its candidates

The Secretary is elected bi-annually with the County Chairman at the County Convention. He or she must be an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman to be eligible for election to the post. The Secretary is charged with maintaining the minutes and notifying members of the monthly meetings.

All other members of the organization including Vice-Chairmen and coordinators are non-voting members who serve at the pleasure of the Chair.